[Updated 1/01/2023]


Click HERE to view 2022 Hills Choral Society Pictorial Report

Our first concert for 2022 was “GREAT MOVIE THEMES”.
This performance (staged on October 9th 2022) featured the music of  such movie greats as Ennio Morricone and John Williams, (who are renowned for  composing the music for  “The Mission”, “The Good,  The Bad,  and The Ugly”, and “Star Wars”.)
Other gorgeous pieces such as “Dry Your Tears, Afrika” (from “Armistad”), “Exsultate Justi” (from “Empire of the Sun”), and “May it Be” (from “The Lord of the Rings”) were featured.
For those who have a love of orchestral choral music, there was also some lovely classical inclusions from various famous movies.
Click on image below to view the pictorial report on the concert.

Our second concert for 2021 was “Christmas Around the World”, and was staged on December 5th.
Click on the image below to view the pictorial report.

Various photos and information on the concert.

Our first concert for 2021 was held on May 23, 2021.
The title was “Something Good”, and featured popular music from the 1950’s and 60’s. 
Go to page Events for a pictorial report on the concert.



The “Something Good’” programme featured a variety of well-known songs from such noted artists as  Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and the Everly Brothers.
Our special guest is … Mark Oates.
TICKETS:  ADULTS $25,  Concession $20,  Child (13-18 $10),  U13  free.
Due to Covid restrictions, sorry no door sales.
(Use Free call option vide below).
 For on-line bookings, use TRYBOOKING   https://www.trybooking.com/BPKWK
If you don’t have Internet access,  Free call 1800 717 483 
visit our website: hillschoralsociety.org/
[It will be obvious from reading this page, but please note that the message on our Facebook page is in error: i.e., the concert is NOT free!
FB defaults to “Free”, and the only way to change that is to pay the $20 Event Advert Upgrade fee!]


We had the honour of providing choral support to the Adelaide City Dawn service.
Beside supporting the standard hymns, we presented the haunting “In Flanders Fields”, by McCrae and Gilpin.



We held our Virtual Christmas Concert on December 6th, 2020.

(See “Pictorial Report on 2020” in our Events page section).

[Updated November 15th, 2020].

The Choral Society is currently rehearsing for a virtual Christmas concert to be conducted on December 6th.

The intention is to have a video recording made, and that will be offered to the usual community groups in our area.
We are aware that today (November 15) there has been an outbreak of Covid 19 today in the northern suburbs, and are keeping an eye on that.
Note that since resumption of Rehearsals, we have been operating according to current Covid-19 safety requirements.

Our next concert, originally planned for late May, is on hold until the situation has eased sufficiently. It will be held in May 2021, depending on the situation at the time.
The title is “Something Good”, and will feature popular music from the 1960’s. 

The choral Society has been in recess due to the nation-wide response to Covid 19. 

For more information, please refer to our Home Page.
John Elliott, IT Coordinator (web master).


First concert, March 15 (Bushfire Benefit Concert).

2020 March 15 concert-poster-5-web version




Pearl Fishers-1

“Messa di Gloria”  by  Puccini (The Gloria).


Great Songs from Opera:
“Brindisi” from  La Traviata
“Sailors Chorus” from HMS Pinafore,
and others by Verdi,  von Suppê, Wagner, Mascagni.

from State Opera of South Australia
Joanna  McWaters (soprano) 
and   Andrew  Turner  (tenor).

VENUE: Blackwood Church of Christ, corner of Waite Street and Shepherds Hill Road, Blackwood.
START: 2:30 pm.                                 

MAY 26 : “Blame it on the Bossa Nova”.
Poster on Home (Front) page.

Pictorial Report on “Blame it on the Bossa Nova”.


Our second major concert was held on October 27th and 28th.


    • MAP   How to get to the concert venue, and parking details.


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