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Our second major concert will be held on

October 27th and 28th.

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  • MAP    How to get to the concert venue, and parking details.

  • Updated 10-09-2018

Our first major concert was on May 27th

Concert Title 80 Minims


Music from Hungary, Africa, Ireland, England, America,
Germany, Scotland, and even Australia.

VENUE: Blackwood Church of Christ, corner of Waite Street and Shepherds Hill Road, Blackwood.
Note changed venue.
START: 2:30 pm.







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Our October  2017 Concert

    “Rhythm  of  Life”  

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May 28 Concert

Great Royal Anthems
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Choir and soloists (Mozart Mass)
The choir performing in the second half

March 6

Performing at the Rotary Club of Coromandel Valley – Annual Dinner

At the Belair Country Club.

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February 24

Choir social gathering and mini concert.